Heart Beats

  1. To the stranger I love : A letter to someone I love... and have never met till date.
  2. After all this time? Always : The truest depiction of love in fiction
  3. I need you to know, my child : A letter from a mother to her unborn child. For a dear friend of mine.
  4. The letter : Another letter to the person you love...
  5. Love is : A comic strip you have all read. The love story behind it you have never heard of.
  6. Son of a greater God : A tribute to the one I call my God.
  7. My Sweet Valentine : Sometimes our past does come back to haunt us.
  8. Chasing an outlandish dream : Chase your dreams with all your heart.
  9. A memory of sweets : An ode to the first girl I ever loved.
  10. Old School : A tale of young love...
  11. Heart strings : Saying I love you can be the most memorable day of your life.
  12. New beginnings : Even seniors have trouble in asking a girl out.
  13. What dreams may come : How would I be as a father ? I'd like to think I know. A Blogadda Spicy Saturday winner
  14. The War Maker : A follow up to "What dreams may come". A look into the wonderful ballet of fights within relationships.
  15. Goodbye Pal, Good bye Once more, Ruby 1999 - 2013 : Losing a pet is always painful.
  16. My bloody jrs : A tribute to my juniors in pg.
  17. Pleasant Surprises : Making my staff happy with a pleasant surprise
  18. A tribute to a wonderful singer - Natalie Di Luccio
  19. What is inner beauty
  20. Of old dogs and wild hogs
  21. A cute proposal : A cute video of a proposal on the sets of the TV show : Scrubs
  22. Oceans and Decades apart : Two ex lovers remember each other.
  23. The Namesake : When love fails, life still goes on. But are we the same person we were before ?
  24. Blogger Tissue box : Lending support to a fellow blogger going through a rough time.
  25. I take thee through sickness and health... for granted : This is not how you treat someone who loves you.
  26. Friends united : Arun & Suman
  27. Friends united : Anees & Ramna
  28. It's a boyyy !! : Wishing I could be there to share my friend's happiness.



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