Lessons from life...

  1. Jungle Parable Sometimes the best lessons about love and letting go come from the unlikeliest sources. 
  2. Once upon a time 25 years ago Being good at heart is what makes people will remember you for. 
  3. Make a Chit Be your own saviour.
  4. Embers On surviving disappointments in life.
  5. Within that inch, we are free Never give up on your morals, no matter the opposition. 
  6. Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud Help those who need you... even if they don't ask. 
  7. Chocolate and a bitter pill If we just slow down and observe all around us, we can see magic all around us. 
  8. A few good men Humility is the difference. A Blogadda Spicy Saturday winner. 
  9. The woods are calling The journey through life is similar to one through a forest 
  10. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.. asleep Looks can be deceiving 
  11. Reliving Life's lessons the easy way Life's most important messages aren't always in a religious book. 
  12. My lucky magic 8 ball A book that actually had the answers I needed when I was depressed. 
  13. Better late than never Freeing myself from handcuffs that bound me. 
  14. I knew he never used his brains Gaining respect for a cricketer for an unparalleled selfless deed on the field 
  15. Touched by an angel Sometimes all you need is a single friend. 
  16. From the Balboasaurus An inspirational quote from the Rocky Balboa movie 
  17. I actually mean no Why is it so hard for some of us to say no ? 
  18. Yennada Rascalae What do people have against us South Indians ?



So...what did you think ?