Lage Raho Munnabhai *****

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by pythoroshan

I had a lot of hopes for Krishh. That's till I saw the trailors. That kind of reaffirmed my LACK of faith in Bollywood sequels. And then along came Lage Raho Munnabhai. If you have to watch just one movie this month, let it be LRM. This is message meeting comical timing at a small town pub and beautifying the surroundings with their chemistry. Sanjay Dutt & Arshad Warsi return as Munna and Circuit, local goons.
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by pythoroshan
Munna, in his quest to impress Radio Jockey Jhanvi ,( the amazing Vidya Balan ) tries to learn as much GANDHI as he can after being mistken for a history professor.. and finds himself coming face to face with DA MAAN, Baapu himself. Taking such a tricky concept ( historical characters in cinema? Oh oh ) and making it work is no easy feat. But this team does it stylishly..there's more depth in all aspects - fun, heart felt moments, message. This is a winner from start to finish. I loved the way Gandhi is portrayed especially - "Bandhe mein tha dum, Vande MAtaram". Indeed. If Rang De basanti energised the youth this year, this movie will do more for the fading name of MK Gandhi than any history book'll make people want to know more about this character. And that can only end well.
Performances ? Well, who do you single out ? Arshad Warsi is at the peak of his career - he may get better roles in the year to come, but he will alwas be remembered for his portrayal as Circuit.
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by pythoroshan
Vidya Balan actually outdoes Gracy Singh from the first part..but then, she is the future of this industry..have no doubt about it. She is the refreshing breeze that Bollywood has been awaiting.
Sanjay Dutt - I hope he survives the court cases, because it would be too ironical to be hauled to jail for terrorist involvements after being the Heartfelt voice of Gandhi. He too is probably at the peak of his career. Hope it isn't freefall from here.
Boman Irani, Jimi Shergill, Dia Mirza - old Vidhu Vinod Chopra favourites are back and all do their role well to ensure there really is no weak link.
Scene of the movie :
I can't point out any one scene - Just go watch it and see for yourself.



  1. saw the movie just yesterday...just one word..mondblowing!!


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