Love so blind...

She hates him.
She hates him from the bottom of her heart.

For leaving her waiting today at the mall. For the way he constantly ignores her when there's a match on the TV. For the way he stares at the neighbour's wife and comments on her better sense of dressing. For making her give up her job to stay at home and look after the kids. For making fun of her weight gain following the pregnancy even though his own belly has grown since the marriage.

She has had it. And tonight she will confront him on this. She is not his slave that he can treat her anyway he wants. He's not anything great that she should have to sit quietly and bear with all this.. in fact, it's not as if...
Her thought is interrupted by the message tone of her mobile. Annoyed, she glances at this intrusion into her thoughts. It's from him.
"Sorry I couldn't make it today at the mall. Dress up. I'll take you out to our fav restaurant for dinner. Love you always." 
She smiles. What a sweetheart he is. She really is blessed to have him in her life. Everyone says so. She loves him for the way he lets her sleep on his lap while he watches the match. How he agrees the neighbour's wife ass is huge and so she needs glamourous dresses to hide her elephant thighs. For giving her two wonderful kids. For being there in the delivery room, holding her hand even though he's scared of hospitals.
She smiles as she gets into the shower and lets the hot water embrace her.

She loves him.
She loves him from the bottom of her heart.

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  1. Love is so blind sure...

    I wish you all the best for the contest, SSC - II
    Do stop by Someone Is Special

    --Someone Is Special--

  2. Love story!! Nice and interestin! So doc wen ya gettin married??? :-P

  3. love it..

    thnks for the comment. :)
    best of luck

    follow me if you don't mind.. I mean I order you lool..just kidding

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Thats so sweet ! A very cute 'real' story :)

  5. Anonymous12:25 AM

    A different take.. Lovely.. ATB for the contest.. :)

    Here is my link..

  6. as said before... youve never truly loved someone completely unless you have contemplated killing them at some point

  7. Atlast a post which brought a smile on my face. Loved it! You picked the instances which actually happens in real life and made post!

  8. I really liked the post because it brought a smile.

    But my only problem is with the interpretation of the pic only the blindfold is take into account and others are i think have been ignored

  9. Beautiful :) I loved the way you changed the tone at the spur of the moment, still keeping the same tempo... very realistically put, just like it happens

    Also, you've expressed how love is about accepting the good, bad and the ugly of a person- and how these little imperfections make your love perfect :)

    The starting and ending lines were powerful, and balanced well by what was written in between...

    Good job! Keep writing :) and all the best for the contest!

  10. All the best to the fellow contestants too,SIS , Nasra, Bedlam..

    Rohan.. as soon as I can fool a girl into thinking Im marriage material :p

    worthless rantings, now theres a thought i can never get enough of :)

    Venky, ya, I know.. I only focussed on the blind love bit.. was very spur of the moment.

    Avi..thanks man, glad to get such compliments.. makes my day :)

  11. I really like how its not a lovey-dovey story nor it is marred with agony. I like the way you've presented both sides of the coin of how marriage is perfectly imperfect :)

    Goodluck for SSC2!
    Feel free to stop by my blog :)

  12. Anonymous8:32 PM

    i like the twist, the same thing happens to me as well, a moments anger and a life time of love.

  13. Looking down at the fickle minded dame or appreciating? :)

  14. beautiful! loved reading it

  15. Am glad I stopped by...Great insight into a woman's psyche....Felt connected at some level.. Good job doc!

  16. women are so fickle minded:)

  17. Hi Dr,Like the story.I can't think of a man surviving His Marriage without spending for his wife or with 2 much spending for the same.Hope u wd have won that contest.Better u remove this post b4 going for alliance.

  18. Here's a blog award for you :)


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