Review: Snakes on a Plane


Ok. Is this film gonna win the Oscars like it's star, Samuel L Jackson, promised us at a recent awards ceremony. Not even close. But then, it was never meant to be an Oscar contender, was it. This is, without doubt, the best B-grade reptile movie I've seen in a long long time. There is no attempt to slow the pace down to build a human connection with the characters ( which worked fatally in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW ). Here, it's all about the next thrill session. Samuel Jackson is an FBI agent escorting a witness to a murder from Hawai to LA. What he doesn't realise is that the crime boss who cannot afford to let this witness take the stand has a very ingenious scheme to prevent his arrival at LA. What ? Hmmm... ( HINT: Read the title )

With so many slithering reptiles around in all their sizes and colours ( and nationalities ? ), this was always full of promise for a fun ride for the viewers. And it delivers. You have thrill after thrill as the snakes keep finding ways to reach the passengers and deliver their 'sweet kisses'. Some may find some scenes a bit gross.. but that's expected. It isn't for nothing it's been given a R-rating. Definitely worth a watch, especially when you consider THE HISTORY behind this much anticipated movie.



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