DON ***

"Ogres are like onions, donkey.
They have layers." - Shrek

That phrase came to mind as I watched Don (2006). There were so many layers to this movie, it could only have been a script from the 70's. While the break neck pace of the original movie has been brought down to a canter, the glossy hues, the added class and the twists in the tale more than make up for it.

So you still have the Indian police officer who,when he comes across a look alike to the ever elusive drug lord, Don, hatches a plan to replace him and infiltrate the organisation.Till there, we have the same storyline from the original - the twist comes at the interval break and from then on,it' a different ball game.

SRK is no Amitabh..but then he isn't trying to be one either. He does his role with elan, though his portayal of the bumbling Vijay didn't quite have the conviction as you'd expect. Priyanka and Boman Irani are in their element in this movie and deserves the applause they're due. The rest of the stars (Om Puri, Arjun Rampal, Isha Koppikar, Kareena)- well, they do their job. Let's leave it at that.

I wasn't a big fan of the music when it first came out..but now, I'm hooked. The theme music is especially haunting lurking in the background and while the other songs are praise-worthy, minus points for lack of originality are a must.

But perhaps the highest marks go to 2 people..Mohanan for cinematography which is absolutely jaw dropping in some sequences and Farhan Akthar for a 3rd straight 'darn good movie.' Definitely worth a watch for any of the above-mentioned reasons.



So...what did you think ?