Apna Sapna Money Money

** 1/2

Review this film ? Let's see.. inhale. exhale. inhale. exhale. deeeeeep breath.

50 crore worth of diamonds due to reach the penniless Don ( Jackie Shroff ) is being carried by hot moll ( Celina ) who to evade capture by a relentless bumbling cop ( Sunil Shetty ), places it in her train compartment partner's ( Ritesh Deshmukh ) bag, not knowing he himself is a con artist evading the Nepali goonda ( Chunky Pandey ) and thus off to meet his chachera bhai (Taplade ) who seeks his help for getting the mohalla ki ladki ( Riya Sen ) against her horny dad's ( Anumpam Kher ) wishes, thus forcing Jackie to seek local help from the Sarkar wannabe ( Rajpal Yadav ) leading to total chaos.

Gasp wheeze wheeze gasp. That's the plot in one line. Oh wait ! Darn it. Koena Mitra helps Talpade get the girl. Damn. Needed 2 lines to tell the story!!

Filled with risque jokes, this maybe seen as 2006's answer to KYA KOOL HAI HUM, i guess, though it falls short on many counts. As is wont in so many Bollywood movies today, the director seems to have lost the last few pages of the script and decided to just do the usual Bollywood comic ending - have everyone chase everyone else till the cops arrive ! How original.

Performances ? The awards in ascending order -

4. Suneil Shetty as the dumb ass cop is quite fun for a change.

3. Rajpal Yadav doing his version of the poor man's Sarkar is hilarious as always.

2. Chunkey Pandey . His Nepali Don role was ridiculously funny. That was unexpected.

1. And the Oscar goes to - Ritesh Deshmukh, of course. This is his movie alone. Such a natural talent for comedy is evident in this film, especially as he changes guises ( and occasionally sex !! )

The girls, you ask ? Well, they're eye candy..and good eye candy too, I must add. From the demure Riya to the sultry Koena to the drop dead horny Celina ( the outfits, MiLord, the outfits ), they do have the audience glued.. Did they say anything ? Ummm.. I don't remember. My eyes were too busy for the ears to get through.



  1. really good comments..looks like all wise men think alike..
    frm apna sapna to don to click..
    i especially liked the one on click ..with all the reviews going against it..yours came as a relief.at least there was someone who found its real worth..


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