Dhoom ***1/2

"Enjoy the ride.." That's the biggest cliche I guess you'll hear for Dhoom : 2. It was easily one of the most anticipated movie of 2006 Bollywood.. so does it live up to the hype ?

Depends : Can you get it into your head that Bollywood doesn't work on facts alone ? That credibility tends to get stretched in our stories ? You can ? Good. Then, you'll love this cops- and - robbers fest. Very early on, You find yourself saying "Hey ! That's not possible " as the stunts flow in front of your eyes as the world's best robber, A ( Hrithik ) proves his credentials. Enter Abhishek and Uday Chopra, now a cop too, along with a sultry Bipasha to trap him. The loop holes in the story are over ridden by the glamour and 'wow' quotient ( except for Uday Chpra, of course - I doubt if even God can make him fit in this equation !! ) Anyway, A constantly outwits the police trio and then comes across a fellow crook ( Aishwarya, with a better acting performance than any in recent times ) and the duo leave for Brazil for their next heist.. with two very determined police officers behind them ( Uday still determined to marry every girl he sees !! ) . The hunt is on.

This is Hrithik's movie - everyone else pales in comparison. Forget the stunts, forget the dances.. and it's STILL his movie. The best scenes all have him in it - him and Abhishek meeting for the second time in Brazil, him and Aishwarya as they each play a very crafty game. His disguises are really unique - I especially love the disguise he employs to steal a rare diamond in Mumbai. The method in stealing that diamond - well, that's another example of the 'credibility' factor of the movie !!

Abhishek is definitely maturing well, isn't he ? Fine wine ages well, I guess. Bipasha as Shonali and Monali ( don't ask ) is hot - that's it. Aishwarya looks good and not wooden for once. That's a huge difference and it shows. Uday Chopra makes you laugh at times - with him or at him, you decide. Rimii Sen guest stars to ensure there's some continuity.
Somehow, I'm sure , looking at the stunts and the means of escape in this movie, for the director and crew, it looked more realistic on paper. You may feel it too.. but then, this isn't Kurosowa.. this is a 'popcorn and Coke' movie..so get with it already !!



  1. Well... it definately was hrithiks movie.... sometimes it makes me feel he's the best... even compared to hollywood.

    Your review was good... and uday chopra's comedy was good.. and love scene with the gun b/w hrithik and aishwarya was also very good....


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