Draw me, Mr Artist...

I used to love it when I had a penpal. She was actually my classmate from school who had gone abroad for higher studies. We were casual friends during our school days but became closer as the years passed by, thanks to these letters. Every month, I'd look forward to getting my mail at the hostel, recounting what all had transpired in the past month in her life, before getting down to penning my own highlight reel for the month. Via this simple act, we gave each other a glimpse into our lives. Distance was a factor back then... and by back then, of course, I mean, a short decade ago. Emails just seemed to lack the personal touch that a hand written letter, replete with little scribbles and yes, even smiley faces, provided.

I was reminded of this for an entirely different reason, of course. Recently, I've been hooked onto the latest Android application craze, Draw Something. For those who don't know, it's kind of a mobile/tablet version of Pictionary where you draw something and the other person has to guess. Only here, you don't just see the final picture provided by your friend. You get to see the whole act of the drawing starting from the first 'pencil' stroke. As they try to make you guess words as varied as 'Dracula', 'pitcher','New York' and 'ugly' using their drawing skills, it is often not just challenging, but also downright hilarious. And it's not just about the creativity - for many, it's a chance to free the child within once more ; drawing on a colouring book with your fingers and asking others to guess your little masterpieces. 

It also struck me about how far we've come along. A decade ago, I would have to wait for an aging postman to deliver mail to a dinghy little hostel in my corner of the world, just to know how my friend was and read between the lines to get an insight into her mind. Today, I can see the thought processes of people across the world from USA to Singapore, Penang to Pune and even Holland, as they are thinking it. I can understand what they are trying to convey even before they finish drawing a single black line. 

They say technology has driven us further apart. I disagree. It's our own personal choices which determine whether we choose to stay further apart. I say, technology has brought us closer than ever before.  Games like this grant us that opportunity to interact instantly with a world beyond which our own two feet and wallet can carry us, while simultaneously giving us an opportunity to relive our childhood, be it ever so briefly. 

P.S. I just had to share this hilarious picture. It's 'apparently' the first time Draw Something was played. 
I wonder how we all missed it while watching the movie.

P.P.S. This post is part of the 'Internet is fun with Vodafone' contest.