Nostradumus : Telling Names

Besides this, there are so many predictions of things that eventually took place. Surprisingly, Nostradamus didn't always use anagrams, sometimes opting for using the real name itself, even of places that had yet to be discovered and people yet to be born.

Louis Pasteur
The lost thing is found, hidden for so many centuries,
Pasteur will be honored as a demigod
This happens when the moon completes her great cycle,
He will be dishonored by other winds.
This quatrain predicts the discovery of Pasteur. Louis Pasteur was the scientist who discovered the existence of microscopic germs. Critics often accused Pasteur of doctoring his results ( dishonored by other winds. )

Charles De Gaulle
Hercules King of Rome and of Annemark,
Three times one surnamed de Gaulle will lead,
Italy and the one of St Mark to tremble,
First monarch, renowned above all (Century 9, Quatrain 33)
Charles de Gaulle was a leader of France three times - first as leader of the Free French Forces, then as prime minister of the provisional post WWII government, then as the first president of the French Fifth Republic.

Francisco Franco
From Castille, Franco will bring out the assembly,
The ambassador will not agree and cause a schism:
The people of Rivera will be in the crowd,
And they will refuse entry into the Gulf (Century 9, Quatrain 16)

Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and his predecessor, Primo de Rivera (the people of Rivera), are mentioned outright. In 1936, the Republican government had Franco exiled to the Canary Islands (and they will refuse entry into the gulf.)

The London Fire of '66
The blood of the just will be demanded of London,
Burnt by the fire in the year 66 (Century 2; Quatrain 51)

On 2nd September 1666, the destruction of medieval London began with one simple spark. In five days a cataclysmic fire destroyed the city of Shakespeare. Some people see the blood of the just as it was translated from the French to mean that justice was done to the plague. This fire did the city a great service by destroying the millions of rats that were carrying the Black plague through the city's population. This is one of the rare occasions where Nostradamus actually got the number right too, incidentally !



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