Nostradamus : The future

I will not add the future predictions in it's entirity here for many reasons.. mainly so as not to insult certain religions ( if you read the prophecies, you will understand ) but also to avoid the gloom. Sufficed to say, the portrait Nostradamus paints is very dark - with the start of the 3rd World War imminent. He gives great detail not just of which countries will suffer, but also of strategies and alliances that, today, as I write, seem unlikely. But then, I haven't seen the future.

In short, those of you who wish to enjoy Italy, France and Spain, now is the time. Because there may not be a next time. Of course, that's the optimistic part. From then on in, things just get worse with everyone joining in the battle. Somewhere along the line, mass destruction looms for certain nations. I pray, infact, that if it comes to pass, it is a nuke attack. Let it thus be quick and painless. The alternative of the world becoming a battlefield with so many children orphaned in slow progression, so many tortures and slow deaths... dear God, let it be a nuclear attack.

The war promises to be long ( ? 20 years is the general concensus ) and sadly as it ends, we'l have the added bonus of an asteroid hitting the Earth, with horrific results around 2026. This has infact been made more scary by reports from NASA a couple of years ago of a possible asteroid coming a little too close to our orbit in roughly the same year. You can guess what's left after that - 2 of every 3 people will die. We will finally learn to embrace each other. Sadly, the beginning of peace is set to mark the end of the world.

But cheer up - on the bright side, there's talk of ANGELIC OFFSPRINGS ( aliens ? as some suggest, divinity as many hope ) during this end game so yeeeeah!!! We have something to look forward to. I hope I have my camera reel. I can make a fortune on ebay.
So when can we expect the end of the world to begin ? I leave you with his own words -

The year the great seventh number is accomplished,
Appearing at the time of the great games of slaughter:
Not far from the age of the great millennium,
When the dead will come out of their graves. (Century 10, Quatrain 74)

Some say that 7 is 2007, some say its 2070. The third line tends to favour the former though. Thankfully, we have one thing in our favour - Nostradamus has always played around with numbers. Hopefully, its a much later date. Hopefully.

If you want to read up on what Nostradamus saw in the coming years, just go to any search engine and type " Nostradamus ". Be prepared...



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