The best of Godyears : Fiction

Romance, Comedy, Horror, Thrillers, Divine tales or just a lesson in life.. choose your poison !!!

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  1. Shaktiman and Dirty Ganga India's best superhero is coming to save the day... and he ain't coming alone. Soon to be a major action movie. P.S. Funds needed. 
  2. Father of my son A crystal ball look into what life maybe for me years from now as I tackle two of man's greatest challenges : My kid's first love and an angry missus ! A BlogAdda Spicy Saturday Pick of the Month. 
  3. The War Maker A follow up to "Father of my son". A look into the wonderful ballet of fights within relationships. 
  4. The Jungle Parable Would you be willing to learn one of life's most important lessons from an animal ? 
  5. The stranger I love I've never met you in my life. But I love you. 
  6. Old school A story of young, innocent love... based on personal school memories. 
  7. Heartstrings The day we tell someone we love how we really feel is always memorable. 
  8. New beginnings Even seniors have trouble in asking a girl out. 
  9. Between friends Two friends discuss their insecurities in love and how to get over them. 
  10. May your belief save you Too much of blind faith isn't always a good thing. 
  11. Final rites A father and son discuss the wonderful woman that links them both. 
  12. For want of a moan What happens when God gets frustrated with our most annoying and ridiculous prayers ? 
  13. Karma vs Dogma Sometimes, even Gods have a bad day at the office. 
  14. The Christmas Clause What would a memo sent by Santa Claus to his worker elves really read ? 
  15. Classifiles India and Pakistan are forever 'having a dialogue' aimed towards reaching a peaceful settlement. Just what does that mean ? Our investigators find out. 
  16. Ask Uncle Rosho What would it have been like if I had been allowed to be a Love-guru ? Really awesome, I figure. 
  17. Highway 49 Never trust a hitch hiker 
  18. Amberville. What would you do if the girl of your dreams walks into your life one rainy night with a bag full of money ? Welcome to the town of Amberville where nothing is as it seems. 
  19. Embers A man reminisces. 
  20. Origins The root of evil lies in sorrow.
  21. Healing Touch What happened to the mother-in-law?
  22. The Ballet Two sisters realise they have a lot more in common than they earlier imagined. 
  23. The Ice-Cream Stick House  A young boy talks to the stranger in his room.
  24. The colours I never saw Flash fiction 
  25. The Legend of the Malabar Vampire 
  26. The confession A murder has occured. A suspect is in custody. What could possibly go wrong ? 
  27. Payback A man seeks out his loved one who's gone missing... but how far will he go for love ? 
  28. Guardian Angel It was a routine job. Kill and leave. What could possibly go wrong ? 
  29. Last Christmas A wife reminisces on the good and bad times of her marriage with her husband. But something's not right. 
  30. Chasing August The key to solving a murder may lie in opening a door to the occult... but would you really  be prepared for the answers ? P.S. This is a pretty long story with 5 chapters. 
  31. Starting at 62 Based on real life facts, can you guess who this old man was who successfully restarted his life from scratch at the ripe age of 62 ? 
  32. Signs and Symptoms A doctor comes to console his patient who's just tried to commit suicide. 
  33. Recall 55 word fiction  
  34. Last day on the job A terrorist counts down the final moments before a dastardly act...



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