Headbutting with God...

  1. Miracle Worker A discussion with an atheist on a real life event that appears to have a divine hand. 
  2. For want of a moan Yes.. sometimes we ask too much of God. 
  3. The Ice-Cream Stick House 
  4. Friday never ends God has a lot to answer for... starting with that damn "It's Friday" song. A Blogadda Tangy Tuesday pick. 
  5. My God, My prankster What do you do when God is hell-bent on playing pranks on you ? 
  6. The God Complex A real life event that tested the faith of many of us in God... and his true intentions. 
  7. Tetrapack Gods The true flaw of our religion - our willingness to believe in anyone 'claiming' to be God. 
  8. Oops ! My karma ran over your dogma, Mr God ! Yes, I can drive even the Gods mad.
  9. My Cyberkanni My version of Vishukanni... and Vishu, for that matter.
  10. Spiritual Discrepancies Why do we persist with these fakes ? 
  11. The Coconut Climber's blog Based on real life events... and some pertinent questions about faith. 
  12. The God insecurity Again, busting myths. Based on another real event that occured. 
  13. We could use your help, Mr God An open letter to God during the terrorist attacks 
  14. Seeking God In today's day and age, what would God have chosen as his profession ? 
  15. Tablespoon of sadness & a heap of anger Why do we use religion as a diversion to separate people in love ? 
  16. Prayers and the Aquarian How do Aquarians view religion ? 
  17. You, me and a cuppa Kappa chips Revealing the real truth behind two of our biggest state festivals. 
  18. My Sexist God Is God a sexist or have we made him one ? 
  19. Mixed up my orders again Even God gets it wrong once in awhile



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