The whacky days of my life

  1. Premium Blogger Being chosen as one of 10 Premium Bloggers of the country by Blogadda.
  2. Featuring in Indian Express 
  3. My interview Self- explanatory.
  4. Online reviews for Urban Shots : Bright Lights and the Book launch Great reviews for the book and my story. 
  5. The 'Ten Shades of Life' Book Launch.  
  6. My first published story ( Paperback ) Published in 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Doctor's Soul'
  7. Reviewed by Orkutheroes Autograph, anyone ? 
  8. Reviewed by blogger Nilu 
  9. Flash mob at Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore
  10. Me in the papers !! Would you believe I actually got my name in the newspaper ? And it wasn't for perverted behaviour ??? 
  11. Modesty, thy name is me I won an award in a caption contest. Luckily, I'm too modest to boast on my stunning achievement.
  12. Pune Blogger meet
  13. My blog reviewed and ripped apart
  14. 5 years of blogging over Make that 6 years of blogging - plus a list of favourite posts and now 7 years of blogging !!
  15. Hometown blues Coming home after becoming an M.D., everything changes.
  16. My Handwriting analysis What does my handwriting say about me ? 
  17. Please take my money !! The ordeal of trying to pay to get my online laptop.
  18. Enjoying my parole
  19. To Payangadi and back An Indiana Jonesesque adventure P.S. a pretty long post. Be warned ye who trespass. 
  20. Old dogs and Wild Hogs Time flies by. It's always good to take a break and look back on the days we've spent when we were young. 
  21. Attending two Fosters "Art of chilling" parties helped me make some nice friends. Event 1 and Event 2.
  22. Ruby... wonder dog. Dogyears  The trial of Ruby  Take a 'Bow'  Dog wars  2 of my favourite things  It's a dogs world  RIP Ruby 1999 - 2013
  23. Meeting Preeti Shenoy I was lucky enough to be there for the release of her first book
  24. Winning Weblog award
  25. Getting an escort What happens when you need to get a girl real bad and you're as dumb as I am 
  26. Even buying a domain name is never a simple job for me.
  27. They're out there Encounter with a weirdo
  28. The Pig Why would a girl want to be a Pig ?
  29. What's luck got to do with it ? When we win a lottery, it's luck. But does that extend to real life incidents too ?
  30. God is my witness Don't you hate it when you can't get a song out of your head ?
  31. Getting swine flu Self- explanatory, I guess.
  32. Suffering from sacroiliitis. Me & Dr House  The butt obsessed post  Docs make the worst patients  Believe in well wishers
  33. Birthday wishes My birthday wishes.
  34. My Sins against Stereotypes 
  35. The Godyears Movie Quiz and the Winners.



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